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Highway and roadway projects can either be a blessing or a curse depending on what's being done.  A new highway may be a blessing for an obscure business that suddenly finds itself off of a major on/off ramp.  However, the same highway may be a curse to a landowner who built their retirement home in what was a peaceful, secluded spot.  With the new highway comes more traffic, and with it comes the exhaust fumes and noise and light pollution.  Unfortunately for those landowners, the increase in noise is not compensable, but the loss of market value of their property due to the noise is.  The rationale is two-fold.  One, noise in itself is a subjective feature.  To the deaf and hard-of-hearing, highway noise isn't a problem.  Two, it would be financially and logistically ridiculous to compensate property owners every time a change is made to road or highway.

To the average person, noise can be a major issue, and this issue will affect the market value of a property that will in turn create a justification for compensation.  Noise is also dependent upon proximity to the source.  The further away from the highway a property is, the less (if any) effects the construction will have upon it.

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