Adelaido Gonzales, MBA, MSA

Southmost Realty, Appraisals, & Court Expert Witness

Texas State Certified General Appraiser #TX-1325670-G

Texas State Real Estate Broker #0187190

NAICS No. 531320 and 531390

DUNS No. 153340893

NRDS ID No. 824018311

FEDERAL ID. 09-9746955

Southmost Realty, Appraisals, & Consultants: For any real estate related matters such as certified appraisals, purchase decisions, selling, litigation issues, divorce value disputes. etc.  We deal with residential, commercial, and/or general real estate consulting services. (956) 412-1357 or (210) 322-0297 Adelaido Lalo Gonzales, MBA


INSTITUTION                                                                       TYPE OF DEGREE


San Benito High School                                                High school diploma

Texas A & M University College Station                    Two-year study-business

University of Texas Austin                                              Bachelor’s in Business Administration (BBA; Finance)

Texas Southmost College                                             Associates degree in Real Estate


Texas Southmost College                                             90% - Associate Degree in Construction

University of Texas Austin -                                            Master’s in Business

Red McCombs School of Business                            Administration (Class of 1990- MBA Graduate)

Emerging Leaders SBA-Mini-MBA program          Mini-MBA Graduate (10/22/2019 Year Program for the year 2019)


Associations (Past and Present)

Alpha Kappa PSI Fraternity

Society for the Advancement of Management

International Prison Fellowship

Professional Organizations

MAI candidate at the Appraisal Institute – (not currently a candidate)

National Association of Master Appraisers – Master Senior Appraiser

Texas Real Estate Association of Realtors

National Real Estate Association

National Board of Realtors

Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – Several Counties

National Association of Master Appraisers, Member

License / Certifications (Current)

*State Certified General Real Estate Appraiser #TX - 1325670 - G

Texas Licensed Real Estate Broker #187190

*Note: Certified General Appraisers can perform both residential and commercial properties with no value restrictions.

Licenses (Previous)

Notary Public -- State of Texas

Texas Insurance Group License

Foreigh Language Fluency

Read, write, and understand Spanish and Tex-Mex lingo

Municipalities in which Real Estate Assignments have been performed for:

City of Harlingen / condemnation proceedings 

City of Los Fresnos

City of Rio Hondo

City of San Benito / condemnation proceedings

City of Combes / condemnation proceedings

City of McAllen

City of Mercedes

City of Roma / condemnation proceedings

City of Cotulla / condemnation proceedings

School Districts in which Real Estate Assignments have been performed for:

Harlingen C.I.S.D

Hidalgo C.I.S.D

San Benito C.I.S.D

Progresso C.I.S.D

Government and Quasi-Government

 Registrations /Approvals

Adjutant General's Department - Texas Army National Guard

Fannie Mae Mortgage Screen Entry Approved

Federal Housing Administration - Fee Appraiser Panel / CHUMS #1337

Freddie Mac Mortgage Screen Entry Approved

U. S. Federal Registry

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Department of Justice

U.S. Marshals

U.S. Social Security Administration

Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (EPA)

Texas Veterans / General Land Board - Fee Panel Appraiser

Attorneys/Courts in which Real Estate Assignments have been performed for:

Edward (Ed) Stapleton

William (Bill) Gault

Stapleton & Stapleton

Gault, Mye & Quintana

2401 Wild Flower Dr.

1325 Palm Blvd.

Brownsville, TX 78521

Brownsville, TX 78520

Phone: 956-504-0882

Phone: (956) 544-7110

Betsy J. Johnson

David Mathews, Attorney at Law

Davison, Troilo, Ream & Garza

Mathews & Willis, P.C.

919 Congress Ave., Suite 810

1650 Paredes Line Road, Suite 102

Austin, TX 78701

Brownsville, TX 78521

Phone: 512-469-6006

Phone: 956-982-4404

Randell W. Friebele

Amber M. Rodriguez

Law Office of Randell W. Friebele

Davis Law firm

1212 E Harrison Ave

320 W Tyler Ave

Harlingen, TX 78550

Harlingen, TX 78550

Phone: (956) 428-0202

Phone: (956) 425-0934

Tom Fleming

Nemecio Lopez

Fleming & Mathews, PC

Office of Nemecio E. Lopez, Jr.

1650 Paredes Line Road, Suite 102

1314 East Harrison Avenue

Brownsville, TX 78521

Harlingen, TX 78550-7130

Phone: (956) 982-4404

Phone: (956) 425-9554

William L. Pope

Michael Ray (Mike) Ezell

Adams & Graham, L.L.P.

Law office of Michael R. Ezell

134 East Van Buren, Suite 301

312 East Van Buren Street

Harlingen, TX 78550

Harlingen, TX 78550

Phone: (956) 428-7495

Phone: 956-425-2000

W. Michael Fisher

Ben Guerra

Roerig Oliveira & Fisher L.L.P.

Ben Guerra Law Office, PLLC

855 W Price Rd # 9

902 E. Tyler Ave.

Brownsville, TX 78520-8718

Harlingen, TX 78550

Phone: (956) 542-5666

Phone: (956) 428-0300

Randall P. Crane

Gabriela Garcia

Law office of Randall P. Crane

Gabriela Garcia Attorney at Law

201 S Sam Houston Blvd.

1136 E 12th St.

San Benito, TX78586-3866

Brownsville, TX 78520

Phone: work(956) 399-2496

Phone: (956) 542-1600

Jose Cano

Rafael Garcia Jr.

Atlas & Hall, L.L.P.

Thornton, Biechlin, Segrato, Reynolds & Guerra, L.C.

818 Pecan Boulevard

418 East Dove

McAllen, Texas 78501

McAllen, TX 78504

Phone: (956) 682-5501

Phone: (956) 451-1616

TJ Wingate

Honorable Migdalia Lopez

Wingate Law Office

Forner 197 District Court Judge – Cameron/Willacy County Judge

7000 N. 10th Street, Suite C-5

1314 East Harrison Avenue

McAllen, TX 78504

Harlingen, TX 78550-7130

(956) 682-0100

Phone: (956) 425-9554

Sandra (Guajardo) Falcon

Guillermo (Willy) Vega Jr.

Wingate Law Office

Law Office of Guillermo Vega Jr.

7000 N. 10th Street, Suite C-5

302 Kings Highway, Suite 105

McAllen, TX 78504

Brownsville, TX 78521

(956) 682-0100

Phone: (956) 546-5573

Raul A. Guajardo

Curtis Bonner

Office Raul A. Guajardo, P.L.L.C.

Bonner & Bonner Law Office

706 East University Dr.

103 S 3rd St.

Edinburg. TX 78539

Harlingen, TX 78550

Phone: (956) 318-3200

Phone: (956) 423-9152

Hugo Xavier De Los Santos, CPA

Richard R. Rodriguez

Office of Hugo Xavier De Los Santos

Attorney at Law

900Vance Jackson Rd.

1117 E Harrison Avenue

San Antonio, TX 78201

Harlingen, Texas 78550

Phone: (210) 236-4227

Phone: (956) 425-4992

Albert Garcia

John L. Carrington

Law Office of Albert Garcia

John L. Carrington Law Office

422 East Harrison Ave.

1113 E Harrison Avenue

Harlingen, TX 78550

Harlingen, Texas 78550

Phone: (956) 425-4171

Phone: (956) 425-5142

Arturo Herrera Saenz

Arthur (Gene) E. McCullough

Office of Arturo Herrera Saenz

McCullough & McCullough

1314 E Harrison Ave.

323 E Jackson Street

Harlingen, TX 78550

Harlingen, TX 78550

Phone: (956) 423-0255

Phone: (956) 320-1320

Brian G. Janice, P.C.

Rogelio (Roy) Valdez

Law Office of Brian G. Janice, P.C.

Chief Justice – Texas 13th Court of Appeals

777 E. Harrison Street, 2nd Floor

100 East Cano Street

Brownsville, TX 78520

Edinburg, Texas 78539

Phone: (956) 541-2168

Phone: (956) 318-2405

Richard A. Cantu, P.C.

Richard Valdez

Office of Richard A. Cantu, P.C.

Valdez Law Office

5307 North McColl Road

316 W Tyler

McAllen, Texas 78502

Harlingen, Texas 78550

Phone: (956) 630-6330

Phone: (956) 425-5775

Christopher Phillipe

Gabriela Garcia

Law Office of Phillipe & Associates

Law Office of Gabriela Garcia

248 Billy Mitchell Boulevard

1135 East 12th Street

Brownsville, Texas 78521

Brownsville, TX 78520

Phone: (956) 544-6096

Phone: (956) 542-1600

Omar Maldonado

Daniel Robles

Law Office of E. Omar Maldonado

Robles Law Firm

4308 North McColl Road

418 W Tyler Avenue

McAllen, Texas 78504

Harlingen, Texas 78550

Phone: (956) 668-7114

Phone: (956) 425-8683

Maria Estella Perez

David W. Showalter

Law Office of Maria Estella Perez

Showalter Law Firm

2826 Pine Valley Drive

1117 FM 359, Suite 200

Harlingen, Texas 78550

Richmond, Texas 77406

Phone: (956) 423-8577

Phone: (281) 341-5577

Ronald W. (Ron) Armstrong

John Ventura

The Armstrong Firm

Law Office of John Ventura

2600 Old Alice Road

62 E Price Road

Brownsville, Texas 78521

Brownsville, TX 78521

Phone: (956) 546-5556

Phone: (956) 542-1478

Ronald Armstrong II

David N. Calvillo

The Armstrong Firm

Chamberlain Hrdicka - Attorneys at Law

2600 Old Alice Road

1200 Smith Street, Suite 1400

Brownsville, Texas 78521

Houston, Texas 77002

Phone: (956) 546-5556

Phone: (713) 654-9629

Devin Hahn

Winstead Attorneys

600 Travis Street, Suite 5200

Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (713) 650-2673

Accountants / CPA’s for which Real Estate Assignments have been performed for:

Arturo Palacios

A Palacios Management Consultants

6901 N Cynthia St

McAllen, TX 78504

Phone: (956) 664-0073

Fred Garza

STMS Income Tax

402 East Harrison Avenue Suite B

Harlingen, TX 78550

Phone: (956) 428-6945


DECEMBER 2, 1992

MCE Keeping Current with Texas Real Estate, 15 hours

May 22 – 29, 1994

Weeklong Executive Seminars at Barton Creek Executive Conference Center by University of Texas at Austin - MBA Executive Program - Multitude of speakers on subjects such as: International Trade and Impact of Land Valuations; Finance; Databases; Negotiation Skills; N.A.F.T.A. (North American Free Trade Agreement)

August 3, 1994

U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Workshop in San Antonio, Texas

September 21, 1994

Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice 'Update' in San Antonio, Texas by Mr. Hoachim, Executive Director of National Association of Master Appraisers


VA Seminar by William d. Newton, Chief of Construction and Valuation of VA Loan Underwriting and Appraisers

East Texas Baptist University; Appraisal Standards and Ethics

MCE Keeping Current with Texas Real Estate 1993, 15 hours


American College of Real Estate; 30 hours training update on appraising course #0221 in San Antonio, Texas and approved by Texas Real Estate Commission.


FHA Seminar in Harlingen, Texas; FHA Appraisals & Single-Family Valuations; FHA, San Antonio Office; Speakers: David Skurka & Celia Kiger

appraisal - Residential, 30 hours


U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development - FHA Seminar (multitude of subjects) - Finance, Appraising, etc.

Investment 1, 30 hours



Appraisal - Commercial                                                                               30 hours


National Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal                                    15 hours

Lincoln Graduate Center, National Association of Master Appraisers National USPAP Course

Appraisal Institute - Residential Property Construction and Inspection

Appraisal Institute - Internet Search Strategies for R.E. Appraiser


Computaught National USPAP                                                                       14 hours

Environmental Issues in Your Real Estate Practice                                           6 hours

Red Flags Inspection Guide                                                                            6 hours

Property Management and Managing Risk                                                       6 hours



USPAP Course with Exam                                                                             15 hours


Farm & Land Appraisal                                                                                  15 hours


Keeping Current with Texas Real Estate


Legal Update and Ethics Course


USPAP Course Update                                                                                  7 hours

FHA & VA Appraisal Basics                                                                           7 hours

Mortgage Fraud: A Dangerous Business                                                          7 hours

Income Approach: An Overview                                                                       7 hours


Texas Ethics MCE 2010                                                                                3 hours

Texas MCE Legal 2010                                                                                 3 hours

Texas Statutory Contacts                                                                              9 hours

Private Appraisal Assignments                                                                       7 hours

The Cost Approach                                                                                        7 hours

The Dirty Dozen                                                                                            3 hours

REO and Foreclosures                                                                                  5 hours

2010-2011 National USPAP update equivalent                                                 7 hours


2012-2013 National USPAP Update Course                                                     7 hours

Appraising FHA Today                                                                                   7 hours

Risky Business: Ways to Minimize Your Liability (with Audio and Video)          5 hours

Residential Appraisal Review                                                                         7 hours

Essential Elements of Disclosures and Disclaimers                                        5 hours


MCE Legal Update                                                                                      3 hours

MCE Ethics                                                                                                3 hours

MCE Broker Responsibility                                                                          6 hours

National Marketing, Negotiations and Closing the Sale                                  3 hours


2014-2015 National USPAP Update Course                                                  7 hours

Essential Elements of Disclosures and Disclaimers                                      5 hours

Land and Site Valuation                                                                              7 hours

The NEW FHA Handbook 4000.1                                                                7 hours

Managing Appraiser Liability                                                                       6 hours


The Ethics of Technology for the Age of Engage                                            4 hours

Broker Responsibility                                                                                  6 hours

TREC Legal Update 1                                                                                  4 hours

TREC Legal Update 2                                                                                  6 hours


Introduction to Expert Witness Testimony for Appraisers                                 4 hours

A Review of Disciplinary Cases                                                                     3 hours

2016-2017 – 7 Hour National USPAP Update Course                                       7 hours

Supporting You Adjustments: Methods for Residential                                    3 hours

Residential Property Inspection for Appraisers                                                 7 hours

Fannie Mae Appraisal guidelines: Debunking the Myths                                   4 hours


Deceptive Advertising! Not Me, I Don’t Think?                                                  4 hours

Broker Responsibility Course                                                                         6 hours

Legal Update I                                                                                              4 hours

Legal Update I1                                                                                             4 hours



Nemecio Lopez

Attorney at Law                            

1314 East Harrison Ave.

Harlingen, TX  78550

(956) 425-9554

Raul A. Guajardo

Attorney at Law

706 E University Dr.

Edinburg, TX  78539

(956) 686-1977 Office

John M. Garcia

Lead Real Estate Agent

AEP Texas

539 North Carancahua

Corpus Christi, TX 78401

(361) 881-5849 Office




RioPlex Appraisals

Ian Martinez, Appraiser  

Appraisal Firm

1314 Ridgewood Circle

Pharr, TX 78577

(956) 463-2097


197 District Court – Former District Court Judge (Previous)

Honorable Migdalia Lopez

574 East Harrison

Brownsville, TX 78520

(956) 574-8150

Juan Angel Guerra, Formal District Attorney (Previous)

Willacy County District Attorney                                    

Marte Guillen

Assistant District Attorney

546 W. Hidalgo

Raymondville, TX  78580

(956) 778-9768



ALL CITIES WITHIN                                       DATA RESOURCES:



Cameron County              builders, realtors, contractors, mortgage investors, appraisers, MLS

Hidalgo County                builders, realtors, contractors, mortgage investors, appraisers, MLS

Willacy County                builders, realtors, contractors, mortgage investors, appraisers,

Starr County                    builders, realtors, contractors, mortgage investors, appraisers,

Bexar County                  builders, realtors, contractors, mortgage investors, appraisers, MLS

Webb County                  builders, realtors, contractors, mortgage investors, appraisers, MLS

Zapata County                 builders, realtors, contractors, mortgage investors, appraisers,


This appraiser has been familiar with the area moreover; this appraiser has been involved full time in the real estate business for many years.  This familiarity and real estate experience are factored into this report.  This familiarity and real estate experience is a competitive advantage.  additional sources to our extensive database consist of “review appraisals” that we do, as well as several non-MLS real estate agents that our office has been involved in, all options (radius, time-frame, sources, etc) will be considered in the search for comparable sales.  Additionally, appraiser has an alliance of cooperating appraisers that assist in providing additional information on non-published sales in addition to sharing professional knowledge and research.  This enhances the work product of appraiser when additional data and collaboration is appropriate.

Member of the following Appraisal Management Company (AMC) Panel(s)

DataQuick Lending Solutions Inc.

TX License No. 2000006

AMC Links LLC.

TX License No. 2000037

Solidifi US Inc.

TX License No. 2000060

Xome Valuation Services, LLC

TX License No. 2000086

InHouse Inc.

TX License No. 2000141

Nations Valuation Services Inc.

TX License No. 2000063

ACT Appraisal Inc.

TX License No. 2000031

Amrock Inc.

TX License No. 2000034

Xome Settlement Services, LLC

TX License No. 2000134

Old Republic Diversified Services

TX License No. 2000033

Nationwide Appraisal Network LLC.

TX License No. 2000065

First Valuation Services LLC.

TX License No. 2000185


Murcor Inc.

TX License No. 2000021

Tennessee Appraisal Management Co. LLC.

TX License No. 2000122

Epic Real Estate Solutions Inc.

TX License No. 2000061


Appraisals 2 U LLC.

TX License No. 2000081


Real Estate Valuation Partners LLC.

TX License No. 2000028

Axios Valuation Solutions LLC.

TX License No. 2000119

Tulips Appraisal Management Inc.

TX License No. 2000118

Epic Appraisal Solutions Inc.

TX License No. 2000205

Class Appraisals

TX License No. 2000039

MyAmc, LLC

TX License No. 2000076

Priority Services, Inc.

TX License No. 2000231

Frisco Lender Services, LLC.

TX License No. 200051

SWBC Lending Solutions, LLC

TX License No. 200210

Apex Appraisal Service, LLC

TX License No. 200232

Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services, LLC

TX License No. 200004

Managed Appraisal service, Inc.

TX License No. 200245

Valuation Connect, LLC

TX License No. 200058

Approved by a Multitude of Financial Investors such as (but not limited to):

Coley Mortgage                                                    21st Century Mortgage                               

Aames Funding Corporation                                Aames Home Loan

ABC Management                                                AbnamPRO                                  

Absolute Mortgage                                               Accurate Mortgage

Advanced Collateral Solutions                             Advance Funding

Advantage Investors Mortgage                            Aetheles LLC, DBA

AmeriNetAim/Invision Mortgage                           Airforce Federal Credit Union

Alamo Bank of Texas                                             All State Appraisal Review

Alliance Appraisal Management                          Allegro Mortgage Services

Allied Home Mortgage Capital                            Americas Informat Inc.

Americas Moneyline Inc.                                       America’s Wholesale Lender

American General Finance                                   American General Financial

American Home Loans                                         American Home Mortgage

American Mortgage                                             AmeriMortgage Group

Ameriquest Mortgage Company                         Andy Cortez Realty Enterprises

Apex Lending-Harlingen, TX                                  Apex Lending-Dallas, TX   

Appraisal Bank                                                      Appraisal Enhancement Services

AppraisalPort                                                         Appraisal Management Company

Appraisers Across America                                    Argent Mortgage

CompanyArmadillo Homes                                   Asset Management          

Associates National Mortgage                              Assurance Mortgage of Texas

Atlantic Assurance                                                Aurora Loan Services

Axiom Financial Services                                       Banchs Financial Group

Bank of America                                                    Benchmark Lending

Benchmark Mortgage                                           Best Rate Mortgage

BPO Direct                                                             Broad Street Mortgage

C. S. Mortgage                                                      Cabrera’s International

Cameron County District Attorney                        Capital Funding Group

Capital Funding Mortgage                                   Capital Loan Associates   

Capital Plus Mortgage Company                         Carolina Mortgage Group Inc.

CDC North America                                              Celco Mortgage

Centerbank Mortgage                                          Centex Home Equity

Central Processing Center                                     Century Financial Services, LLC

CFG/Diversified                                                     Charter Funding

Chase Manhattan Mortgage                                CITI

CitiFinancial                                                           CitiMortgage

Citinet Mortgage                                                   City Mortgage

City National Bank                                                CityMortgage

Citywide Financial                                                 Clarity Mortgage Services

Coastal Banc                                                        Coastal National Mortgage

Coldwell Banker Bank                                           Coley Mortgage   

Commerce Title Company                                   Community America Credit Union

Community Mortgage                                          CompuFund Mortgage Company

Community Lending                                              Concorde Acceptance

Conseco Finance Corp.                                       Cornerstone Mortgage

Correspondent Leading                                        Countrywide Funding

Country Wide Home Loans                                   Coventry Mortgage

Cowen Funding Services                                       Creative Mortgage Co.   

Crest Mortgage Company                                   CRG Valuations

Credit Risk Solutions                                               Dallas Home Loan

Department of Justice                                           Dana Capital

Del Sol Home Construction

DFW Group                                                            Diamond Mortgage

Dimension Mortgage                                             Direct Equity Mortgage

Direct Lending                                             

Downey Savings and Loan                                   DRI Title & Escrow

E-Loan Appraisal Team                                          East to West Mortgage     

Enterprise Mortgage                                              Entrust Mortgage              

EquiCredit                                                              ESI Mortgage

Eventus Inspections                                               Express Financial Services

Express Mortgage                                                  Extraco Mortgage

Fairway Mortgage                                                 Faith Mortgage    

Famaz, Co Financial Services                                Fidelity

Fannie Mae                                                           Fidelity One          

Fieldstone Mortgage

Finance America                                                   Financial Asset Services, Inc.        

Finfancial Demensions                                           First Bank of Los Fresnos

First Choice Lenders                                               First Colony Financial 

First Consolidated Mortgage                                 First Equity Corp

First Franklin Financial                                            First Greensboro Home Equity

First Horizon Home Loans                                       First Houston Appraisal

First Magnus Financial                                           First National Bank

First National Bank of Scottsdale                           Firstplus

Freedom                                                                First Plus Funding

First Source Financial                                             First United Mortgage Brokers

First Valley Mortgage                                             Five Brothers Mortgage

Fleetwood Mortgage                                            Fox Funding, Inc.

Frant Square Financial                                           Frontera Mortgage, Inc.   

Full Spectrum                                                         G. E. Mortgage

General Mortgage                                                GMAC Mortgage Corporation

Gold Financial Services                                         Great Financial Bank        

Greenlight Financial Services                                Greenpoint Mortgage

Guaranty Residential Lending                               GWG Mortgage   

Harlingen National Bank                                       Harlingen National Bank Mortgage

Hernandez Construction                                       Home Capital, Inc.           

Home Focus Valuation Services                            Homebound Mortgage

Home Help Center, L.L.C. / Real Homesite Mortgage           

Homecomings Financial                                       Homefocus L.L.C.

Homes of America                                                Homeside Lending-Dallas, TX

Hometown Mortgage                                           Hope Mortgage

Diamond Mortgage                                              Houston City Mortgage

IFS Mortgage                                                         Independent Financial

Independent Mortgage                                        Indy Mac Bank

Inter National Bank                                               International Bank of Commerce

Interplex Mortgage Co.                                        Invasion Mortgage

Iway Loan                                                              J & J Investments   JBL Enterprises

Kellner Mortgage                                                   Key Mortgage

L.C. Mortgage                                                       Land America Default Services

Landsafe Appraisal Services                                 Laredo National Bank

LC Mortgage                                                         Lehman Brothers   

Liberty Financial Services                                       Liberty Mortgage Co.       

Link Mortgage                                                       Loanstream Corporate    

Loan Star Lenders                                                  Lone Star National Bank   

LSI/Lender Services Inc.                                         M.C.O. Mortgage 

Mainland Home Loans                                          Mainsource Mortgage     

Marder and Associates                                         Matchmaker Mortgage   

MBI Mortgage                                                       MBNA America     

McAfee Mortgage                                                McAllen Mortgage           

McKeever Ent. Inc. DBSA American                      MCO Construction           

MCO Mortgage                                                     Med Mortgage

MDA Lending Solutions                                         Megamerica DBA America Premier

Meir Mortgage                                                      Memorial Park Mortgage

Merrill Lynch                                                           Mid Americe Mortgage

Monument Financial Services                               Mortgage Select Co.

Mortgage Services                                                Mortgage Shoppers Corporation

Mortgages Direct                                                  My Mortgage Option

Navy Federal Credit Union                                    National City Mortgage   

National Credit Home Equity Services                   National Mortgage Lenders

Nations Banc Mortgage Corp.                             Nations Valuation Services

Nationwide Appraisals and Title                            Nationwide Family Mortgage

Navy Federal Credit Union                                    New Century Mortgage   

Nexstar Financial Services                                     Non-Profit Resource Housing Group

North America Mortgage                                      Norwest Mortgage

Novastar Home Mortgage                                    NTFN, Inc.  

Olympic Funding/Process                                     Omega Mortgage

Option One Mortgage                                          Orion Mortgage   

Pacific Guarantee Mortgage                               Pan Am Construction                   

PCV Murcor                                                           Precision Mortgage Group

Premier Nationwide Lending                                 Prime Lending

Primera Mortgage                                                 Principal Residential Mortgage

Profolio Home Mortgage                                       Quality Assurance Review Co.

Prudential Home Mortgage                                  QARC                                              Quantix

R.T. Minor Mortgage                                              Remax International Relocation

Realink                                                                   Reliable Mortgage

REM                                                                       Residential Mortgage Corp.

Residential Real Estate Review                              Rio Grande Mortgage, Inc.

Riverway Mortgage Company                             RTM Funding

San Benito Bank & Trust Co.                                  Sante Fe Financial Services, LLC

SARMA                                                                  Seal Construction             

Sebring Capital Corporation                                Secure Mortgage             

Select Funding, Inc.                                               Settle Appraisal Services, Inc.       

Sib Mortgage Corp.                                              Signature Lending Corp.

Southern Lending Corporation                             Southwestern Mortgage Company

Spinner Mortgage                                                 State Farm

Success Investments                                              Summit Mortgage

Sunset Mortgage Co. L.P.                                     Tena Companies

Texas Bank & Trust                                                  Texas Community Mortgage

Texas First Choice Mortgage                                 Texas State Bank

Texas State Home Loans, Inc.                                Texas Tropical Center MHMR

Texas Veterans Land Board                                  The Accu Prime Group

The Money Outlet                                                  The Mortgage Line

The Mortgage Market                                           The Mortgage Outlet

The Mortgage Warehouse                                     Texas Military Forces, Austin

Texas Department of Transportation                     TIB Mortgage Company   

The Town and Country Mortgage                         T.J. Wingatge, Attorney

U.S. Bank                                                                U.S. Department of Social Security

U.S. Marshal Service                                              U.S. Home Exchange

U.S. Property & Appraisal                                      U.S. Real Estate Services, Inc.

UAMC                                                                    United Lending Group      

United Security Mortgage                                     U.S. Department of Agriculture

Upland Mortgage                                                 USA Home Lending Corp.

USA Mortgage                                                       USDA – RECD

Valley Federal Credit Union                                  Valley Home Equity          

Vision Bookkeeping                                               Wall Street Mortgage

Washington Mutual Finance                                 Waterfield Financial

Weichert Financial Services-Wayne                       Wells Fargo Financial        

Wells Fargo Home Mortgage                                Weyerhaeuser Mortgage Co.      

Dr. David A. Woolweaver, D.D.S., M.S.D.


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